How Personal Injury Law Works

Let’s first define what personal injury law is. When a person gets into an accident they didn’t cause, they file a lawsuit and get compensation for all losses incurred during the accident. Incidents covered by personal injury lawyers are accidents, intentional acts, defamation, and defective product injury.

Everywhere in the world, personal injury law is being practiced. Let’s delve into the specifics of how this particular law works.

Types of Personal Injuries

1. Accidents – If you get into an accident and you did not cause it, you are eligible for filing a personal injury case. Accidents such as car crashes and other motor accidents are covered. In Hawaii, there is an auto accident attorney Maui whose specialty is car accidents.

2. Intentional acts – If you are a victim of physical battery or assault, you can file a personal injury case. Even though you have limited fault (provoking the other party) in action, those actions qualify as intended. If you sustain damages and have a medico-legal certificate, you can file that case.

3. Defective products – For example, you’ve bought a blender. After a few uses, the blade flew out and caused injury to your hand; you are eligible for compensation from the company via a personal injury case. The law applies to any purchased electronic item that causes an injury to your person.

4. Defamation – If you are being slandered online or in a certain community and your reputation is damaged, you can file a personal injury case. It’s good to keep in mind that damage cannot be done only to your body but to your character and reputation as well. An act of libel also falls under this classification, wherein you are being defamed in print, pictures, or signs. Slander is the verbal act of defamation.

5. Clinical negligence is when you undergo a medical procedure or take prescribed medicine, and something goes wrong. You can file a personal injury case against the medical practitioner who administered the drug or the procedure.

The Personal Injury Process

When an accident occurs, the person must identify damage to their person or character before filing a case. For example, a person is walking down the street in Hawaii. A car suddenly crashes into them, meriting damage to the person’s body. That person can file a case, and an auto accident attorney Maui can handle the case for them. Settlements will be done in court. If the car owner disagrees, the plaintiff may proceed with a lawsuit.