Elements That Are The Keys To a Successful DUI Defense.

Do you have the determination to fight your DUI charge?

If you do, you have a very good opportunity to have it dismissed!

Do you have internet access right now? Mark hartlevin.com or you might forget before the system takes you away. Or rather, remember the site hartlevin.com and our capable DUI specialty attorneys will wage the battle for you.

  • Firstly, there should be courage in you to stand up for yourself. You must not accept your fate that you will be convicted of DUI and plead guilty. There are a lot of loopholes in the system, so let’s chop them down together, one by one.
  • Use the options available for you including the legal tools. Hartlevin.com lawyers will utilize their knowledge and skill to examine the evidences and facts of your charge to extract a sizable measure of reasonable doubt and even to prove your innocence.
  • Your case should be analyzed from head to toes for legal flaws. Even if you were over the legal limit, there will still be some imperfections we can find in the way the officers treated you.
  • From the time of arrest, the police should do correct processing before you face the judge. All your legal rights are already running the clock from the time the cops arrest you. They should properly process you through the system before they let you confront a judge. The officers are governed by proper procedures in executing a DUI charge, and any wrong move by them means a good plus for your dismissal.
  • When you have been arraigned, if the District Attorney cannot take you to trial within a time limit, your case can be dismissed. After you have pleaded not guilty and then released on bail, and if the DA or prosecutor cannot get his act together and put you to trial within 45 days, your case will be dismissed.
  • When the evidence of the DUI case is suppressed. Our DUI special attorneys can request for a motion to throw out evidence against you that have been proven to be improperly or inadequately obtained. Even if there were field sobriety tests, blood, or breath tests conducted, they will not stand up in court if the evidence is not foolproof.
  • During the trial, our Hartlevin.com attorney examine the officers who arrested you and they lose credibility. Most cops do not feel relaxed in a courtroom. If they break down under cross examination and there is a semblance of improper procedure when they arrested you up to the time that you are in court, your case is up for dismissal.

Our competent attorneys will argue, do objections, and convey legal motions for you. Plead not guilty and have the courage to fight your DUI charge, and we will do the rest for you. Give us a call now!

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