Mission and Vision

Joshua Venture Group identifies emerging leaders in the Jewish world and champions their visions for social change.


Joshua Venture Group seeks to reinvigorate and expand the Jewish community by cultivating the leadership and management capability of talented, passionate young Jewish social entrepreneurs and by investing in their visions and in the growth of healthy, sustainable organizations.

The mission of Joshua Venture Group is rooted in the concept of a dual investment — in visionary leaders and in ground-breaking ideas. We believe that the cultivation of both leaders and the enterprises they seek to build has that much more potential to profoundly impact the Jewish world and the world Jewishly.


With optimism and determination, the biblical Joshua embraced the challenge of his generation—to enter and establish a new land. Following in Moses’ footsteps and with his mentorship, Joshua was committed to his ideals of preserving the history of and creating a future for the Jewish people. In the spirit of this leader, Joshua Venture Group promotes innovation and excellence for a new generation to build and sustain its own visions of a Jewish future.


Joshua Venture Group believes that big ideas for social change will come from a robust pipeline of new leaders with innovative solutions. Jewish social entrepreneurs are highly passionate and committed to their ideas. They bring great vision and are action-oriented while still able to deal with ambiguity and “learn on the fly.” Jewish social entrepreneurs bring the skills and interpersonal savvy to engage multiple and diverse stakeholders in their work.

We believe that more risk taking is required to drive change in the Jewish community. By investing in individuals and in their visions for social-purpose ventures, Joshua Venture Group will support the application of creative solutions that fill needs and/or celebrate Jewish life in the United States. Our collective efforts will be scalable in nature and create a multiplier effect to maximize the significance for the future of the Jewish people.

We believe that innovative ideas and the people behind them will transform our society, and we are open to a variety of organizational vehicles through which these ventures may take shape.  Together, we believe that the impact of the work of our Fellows will help to sustain and nurture Jewish communities throughout the United States.

While building upon the strength and values of our shared heritage and traditions, we envision an expanded Jewish landscape — embracing contemporary values, leveraging new technologies, and relying on innovative and sustainable organizational models.