Alumni Network & The Collaboratory

Joshua Venture Group recognizes that early-stage ventures require sustained investment beyond the two-year Dual Investment Program. We provide ongoing professional and network development opportunities to provide JVG Alumni access to the networks and resources they need to continue to build healthy, sustainable organizations.

The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory 2014In addition to offering targeted resource development support, access to key communal gatherings, and the support of a close-knit network of JVG Alumni, Joshua Venture Group – together with Bikkurim, PresenTense, ROI Community, and UpStart – conceived of The Collaboratory, a joint project to activate our alumni networks and to provide young leadership with the tools they need to build a strong and vibrant Jewish future.

The Collaboratory is the largest annual gathering of Jewish community visionaries, activists, and catalyzers of change in North America. Leveraging the collective wisdom of philanthropy professionals, high-quality trainers, and seasoned entrepreneurs, The Collaboratory provides a forum for our communities’ best and brightest doers to build relationships, strengthen skills, and connect the right dots to advance their work.

Participant Laura Baum, rabbi and co- founder of and ROI Community member, reflected on the experience in eJewishPhilanthropy:

Being a Jewish innovator can sometimes feel like an isolated experience as it often requires a great deal of focus and hard work. But there are days when innovators also feel connected and part of a larger network. One of those days is The Collaboratory…”

It is this sentiment – that the Jewish community is as invested in nurturing its up-and-coming leaders as the leaders themselves are in effecting change within and beyond communal walls, and that this nourishment derives from leveraging collective wisdom and working collaboratively rather than in silos – that encapsulates why The Collaboratory exists – and the potential it has to further support our innovators and their efforts to build a more vibrant and interconnected community in the months and years to come.

Learn more about The Collaboratory 2016: Catalyzing change from the inside out.

Stay tuned for more information about the next Collaboratory gathering. For more information about the program and application process, visit The Collaboratory microsite.

Reenergized from spending a day with that much talent, creativity, and passion. Reminded me why I work for the Jewish community.