Making Room on the Bench for Students with Disabilities


JVG Fellow Dana Keil (’14) has implemented a thriving inclusion model at the Luria Academy of Brooklyn, and now she’s providing counsel to other Jewish community schools in the New York area to explore the possibilities at their own schools. “I asked my son if anyone treats the kids with special needs differently, and he said, ‘why […]

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Can Digital Badges Save Hebrew School?


Digital badges. Micro-credentialing. Gamification. JVG Alumna Sarah Blattner founded Tamritz to empower Jewish day schools to embrace 21st-century learning techniques as a means of creating more engaged and interconnected educators and students. For those who have implemented digital badging in their own classrooms, they are already seeing the benefits: “What I can count on with the Tamritz […]

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JVG Welcomes New Board Leadership, Members


Leadership transitions: Over the past six years, JVG has benefitted from the wisdom and guidance of our re-launch chair, Alan Cohen. Alan concluded his board service in December 2014, and we thank him for his invaluable contributions to helping to move JVG to a place of great strength. We also want to acknowledge the tremendous […]

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Opportunities Roundup: January 2015

Local Funding and Training for Grassroots Initiatives U.S. – National: Applications are now available for the 2015 UpStart National Accelerator. The Accelerator is open to entrepreneurs creating innovative experiences in Jewish life. Its goal is to accelerate the development and implementation of your vision, build needed infrastructure, attain fiscal sustainability, adapt to shifting needs and […]

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JVG Alum Sam Ball’s Citizen Film Receives Covenant Signature Grant


A hearty mazal tov to JVG Alum Sam Ball and Citizen Film, recipients of a 2015 Covenant Foundation Signature Grant of $150,000 over three years to partner with Columbia University’s Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies to develop and cultivate a network of professors and graduate students using digital storytelling and other emerging media to inspire […]

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Smart Partnerships, Wise Investments


The world of Jewish social innovation has matured and so, too, have we. JVG ED Lisa Lepson talks smart partnerships and wise investments in eJewishPhilanthropy. Read the full article here.

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Eight For Eight: Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum Answers – How Long?


As part of the “Eight for Eight” series, JVG Alumna Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum reflects on “How Long?” “For as long as you’re in the sweet spot.” …The idea of a sweet spot for light is a powerful concept.  Oil was precious in the ancient world: to burn it only when the flame was visible and could […]

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Girls in Trouble: The personal impact of foundational stories with Alicia Jo Rabins


2014-2016 JVG Fellow Alicia Jo Rabins reflects on what inspired her to create The Complicated Lives of Biblical Women: “I’m particularly interested in how the present moment intersects with ancient traditions and wisdom,” she explains. “Where the most mundane aspects of daily life touch the more transcendent and spiritual aspects, and how they’re all related […]

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Women rabbis at forefront of pioneering prayer communities


JVG Alumna Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum is among the pioneering women rabbis highlighted in this JTA article: …20th-century American Judaism was defined in large part by building brick-and-mortar institutions. But the new rabbi-led communities are part of a 21st century spate of innovation outside the the established boundaries of Jewish institutional life. …[And] rabbi-led spiritual communities, […]

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