Sarah Blattner

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Sarah Blattner is the founder and executive director of Tamritz. She is an educator and technologist with 20 years experience. Jewish camping experiences combined with Jewish youth group work inspired Sarah to pursue a Master of Arts in Secondary Education at The Ohio State University. Sarah caught the technology bug early in her career and pursued deeper learning in educational technology at Johns Hopkins University, where she earned a Post-Graduate Degree Certificate in Multimedia and Internet-based Instruction. Sarah also led the National Teacher Training Institute, a technology professional development initiative created by Maryland Public Television (MPT). She wrote for the Annenberg/CPB Envisioning Literature professional development video series while at MPT. She brings a broad perspective on Jewish day school education, informed by her experiences as educator and parent in Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Portland Jewish day schools. When she isn’t posting on a blog, collaborating on a wiki or tweeting, she spends her time hiking, writing and reading young adult literature.


Tamritz is a national learning network for Jewish day school students and teachers. Students participate in digital badge learning to collaborate, co-create and co-learn. Teachers gain professional development experiences in new media, 21st Century literacies and badge learning. At the heart of Tamritz’s learning network is the ability for learners to follow their passions beyond the classroom walls through challenge-based learning, multiple learning pathways, and learning across contexts. Tamritz provides a connected space for Jewish day school educators to collaborate and co-design, while exploring new media for enhanced student learning and instruction. Compliant with Mozilla’s open badging framework, Tamritz will lay the groundwork for developing a national badge learning ecosystem for Jewish day schools.