Sam Ball

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Documentary Film and Multimedia Director Sam Ball’s works have been exhibited at many of America’s most prestigious venues, from the Sundance Film Festival to MoMA-NY. Ball is co-founder and director of Citizen Film, a not-for-profit production company established in 2002, dedicated to collaboration with civic and educational institutions to create documentary films and multimedia projects that foster constructive engagement in cultural and civic life. For ten years, Ball led the New Jewish Filmmaking Project (NJFP), produced by Citizen Film for the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and launched in 2001 thanks to a Joshua Venture Fellowship. In that capacity, Ball guided more than 100 young and emerging artists, ages 16-25, in the production and dissemination of Jewish-themed documentary films and new media projects. He is currently co-director of the New Media in Jewish Studies Collaborative, a joint initiative of Citizen Film and Columbia University designed to deepen student and community engagement with Jewish themes by developing media collaborations with leading professors around the US.

New Jewish Filmmaking Project

Citizen Film is committed to collaborating with civic and community institutions to make films that engage audiences in meaningful conversation about the relationship between culture and community. Since 2002, Citizen Film has produced the New Jewish Filmmaking Project, a program of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival dedicated to showcasing diversity in the Jewish Community from the point of view of the culturally diverse generation of Jews that is coming of age today. Sam launched the New Jewish Filmmaking Project thanks to a 2001 Joshua Venture Fellowship.