Rabbi Rochelle Robins

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Rabbi Rochelle Robins was ordained at the New York campus of the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in 1998. Her professional positions have included serving as the Rabbinic Staff Chaplain at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Supervisor of Pastoral Education and Co-coordinator of the Jewish Hospice Program at Samaritan Hospice of So. New Jersey, and CPE Supervisor at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego. Rabbi Robins was a Co-founder and the Executive Director of Bat Kol, an organization that began as Jerusalem’s first feminist yeshiva. She was a recipient of a Joshua Venture Fellowship that recognized her as one of the leading Jewish social entrepreneurs in the country. Teaching at Academy for Jewish Religion California and being a part of the broader interfaith community is a source of pride for which she is tremendously grateful. Rabbi Robins is also a published writer of articles which focus on Jewish text and pastoral theology. Whether Rabbi Robins is teaching text, assisting patients and family members, training chaplains, or administrating social service and justice projects, healing and wholeness is at the heart of her rabbinate.

Bat Kol

Bat Kol responds to educational, religious, and health care concerns within and beyond the Jewish community. Cross-cultural and interfaith coalition building is at the heart of Bat Kol’s philosophy. Repairing the world – tikkun olam – is contingent on people working and acting together. Bat Kol’s variety of projects and programs upholds the value and belief that we are all responsible for one another’s well-being.

Rabbis Rochelle Robins and Sarra Levine founded Bat Kol in 1995. Its initial project, Bat Kol: A Feminist House of Study, a yeshiva in Jerusalem (1997-2000), cultivated a pluralistic atmosphere of intergenerational, cross-cultural, and progressive Torah learning. Since 2000, Bat Kol’s focus has been U.S.-based, with its mission expanding into the realms of interfaith coalition building, social action, and health care education.