Meredith Polsky

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Meredith Englander Polsky, a special educator and social worker, co-founded Matan in the year 2000. After serving at the helm of Matan for five years, Meredith spearheaded the effort to hire a new executive director and took a four-year hiatus from the professional staff of Matan. During that time, Meredith served as secretary of the board of directors. She recently returned to Matan as special education coordinator and is thrilled to be back. Meredith lives in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with her husband and three children.


Matan supports Jewish communities, professionals, and institutions in educating children with special learning needs. Matan is committed to exposing all children to the “wonder” of Jewish life and fostering literate and engaged Jews through creative and multi-sensory approaches. By strengthening the capacity of Jewish institutions to support and sustain more educationally varied programs, Matan is expanding the Jewish community’s ability to fulfill the obligation to include all children – not just typical learners – in their Jewish educational birthright. Matan will soon launch its interactive website at