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Jennifer Bleyer was a fellow in the 2001-2003 cohort.

Heeb Magazine

Heeb Magazine was founded by Jennifer Bleyer, a journalist and Joshua Venture Alumna, in Brooklyn in 2001, and has continued to grow since she moved on from the magazine in 2003.

Covering arts, culture, and politics in a voice all its own, Heeb has become a multimedia magnet for the young, urban, and influential. Heeb Magazine delivers original reporting, celebrity interviews, photography and illustration from the world’s most creative, emerging talents. From its inception, Heeb has been much more than a magazine—it is a community. Heeb tailors over 50 events each year for this community all over the U.S. Heeb events reflect the sensibilities and subject matter of the magazine. A cross between a literary event and a night of stand-up comedy, the monthly Heeb Storytelling showcases seven local personalities who each tell a seven-minute “Jewish story.” The annual Heeb Hundred Traveling Portrait Exhibition is a celebration of Heeb Magazine’s list of one hundred Jews that you need to know about, hosting opening night receptions throughout North America.