Chana German

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Chana German is founder and director of Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, an online school for Jewish studies. Her interest in the possibilities of online Jewish education stems from her experiences as an online student and her understanding of the complex realities of North American Jewish schools. She has been working with Jewish educators and schools for fifteen years, focusing on educational technology projects, including online professional development, edtech curricular development, and the use of social networks to promote professional growth. Her graduate work is in educational technology and instructional design at Boston University and the University of Massachusetts. She lives with her family in Jerusalem.

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy (LVJA) is dedicated to bringing quality Jewish education to Jewish students everywhere, regardless of geographic location or ideological orientation, and to supporting Jewish schools by providing innovative, affordable, differentiated instruction to supplement their existing course offerings. LVJA believes that students must not only acquire high levels of Jewish literacy and skills, but they must also have the opportunity to reflect on the content and process to make Jewish learning personal and meaningful. LVJA’s approach combines the best of educational practice and academic theory with cutting‐edge technology to produce and implement positive Jewish educational experiences for middle and high school students everywhere.

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is a project of The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, Bar-Ilan University.