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Nora Feldhusen

PeerCorps Detroit

PeerCorps is a mentorship program that invites Jewish teens and b’nai mitzvah students to build meaningful relationships with one another and with community-building work in Detroit. PeerCorps partners with grassroots initiatives within the city that are rich and diverse with respect to their missions and populations served, from an Afro-centric farm addressing issues of food security to temporary housing for survivors of persecution from around the world seeking legal shelter in the United States.

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Chana German

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy (LVJA) is dedicated to bringing quality Jewish education to Jewish students everywhere, regardless of geographic location or ideological orientation, and to supporting Jewish schools by providing innovative, affordable, differentiated instruction to supplement their existing course offerings.

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Dana Keil

Room on the Bench

Room on the Bench: A Project of the Luria Academy of Brooklyn works to transform the experience of students with special needs and their families into one that fully integrates them as members of the Jewish day school community, collaborating with schools to create an inclusive environment through modeling best practices, online guides, and consulting services.

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Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman

Orot: The Center for New Jewish Learning

Orot: The Center for New Jewish Learning is a center for pluralistic, multidisciplinary and integrated Jewish study and practice taught through reflective manner. Orot believes that Jewish wisdom can help all Jews answer the deepest questions of life and inspire them to find their own unique Jewish voices in the service of bettering their communities and the world.

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Alicia Jo Rabins

The Complicated Lives of Biblical Women

The Complicated Lives of Biblical Women reflects the fascinating and complex stories of women in Torah as a foundational part of Jewish tradition, and deepens awareness of their often under-studied stories, through a curriculum combining text study with art, music, and participant-generated commentary.

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Tikvah Wiener

I.D.E.A. Schools Network

The I.D.E.A. Schools Network seeks to transform existing Jewish schools into ones which employ project¬-based learning (PBL) and innovative learning practices.

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