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Criteria: Venture

Ventures eligible for the Dual Investment Program must be based in the United States or Canada, and must meet the following criteria:

Early-Stage Venture

Joshua Venture Group invests in early-stage ventures and their executive directors. We balance a number of factors to determine if your venture is at the appropriate stage for the Dual Investment Program.

Ventures are considered early-stage if they meet at least four of the following characteristics:

  • Staff: Organization may have one paid staff member, but likely not more than two full-time staff members.
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board: Board is in formation or was formed within the past 5 years.
  • Program Development: Organization’s core program is in its pilot or rollout stage.
  • Growth: Organization may have perfected a local model, and is interested in replicating or scaling this model at the national level.
  • Budget: Organization typically has an annual budget of less than $300,000.
  • Funding: Joshua Venture Group would qualify as a significant early funder of the organization.
  • Legal Status:
    • If non-profit: Organization has not yet received 501(c)(3) status or equivalent, or received 501(c)(3) status or equivalent within the past 5 years.
    • If for-profit: Organization has not yet incorporated, or incorporated within the past 5 years.

Mission for Social Impact

Joshua Venture Group invests in ventures that provide greater capacity for Jewish communities to offer opportunities that meet the needs of their diverse and dynamic constituencies. The 2014-2016 Dual Investment Program will support Fellows and ventures whose work aligns with one of the following areas of focus:

  • Women’s Issues – Ventures must focus on supporting the leadership, innovation, and feminist principles of Jewish women to strengthen Jewish life as a whole. This opportunity is open to ventures across North America.
  • New York Jewish Day School – Ventures must seek to launch or grow groundbreaking initiatives within day schools in New York City, Long Island, or Westchester.
  • Chicago – Ventures must seek to enrich Jewish life in Greater Chicago or Cook County.

    Optimal Legal Structure

    Joshua Venture Group seeks Jewish social entrepreneurs with important ideas that will lead to positive social change in their Jewish communities. We are open to a variety of organizational vehicles that Jewish social entrepreneurs may use, including non-profit ventures, autonomous projects within existing organizations, and for-profit ventures. The sole criterion is optimal fit to the achievement of the idea proposed by the social entrepreneur.

    A project proposed from within an existing organization must have sufficient autonomy, including:

    • Independent profit and loss control and accountability
    • Hiring and directing its own personnel
    • Governance that will allow for oversight in a manner that is aligned with the project’s mission and that respects the values and needs of an entrepreneurial project

    Projects not eligible for consideration include:

    • Political lobbying (beyond that allowed by law for non-profits)
    • Land, site, or major asset acquisition
    • Political campaigns
    • Any project that serves as a pass-through grantor to other organizations or individuals
    • Local chapters of national or international organizations
    • Individual writers or artists seeking to develop and/or promote their works
    • Local replications of already extant organizations (JCC, Y, etc)
    • Research projects

    Learn more about Leadership Criteria.

    Have more questions about eligibility? Review our FAQs.