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Dual Investment Program

At Joshua Venture Group, we believe that progress and positive change comes from bold visions and dynamic leaders. Our flagship initiative, the Dual Investment Program, invests in visionary leaders and groundbreaking ideas by providing each of our Fellows with funding and support services worth over $100,000.

Throughout this intensive two-year program, Fellows gain the skills, resources, and exposure they need to grow and sustain their ventures. The ventures we support re-energize Jewish life through innovative educational, social, spiritual, cultural, and service programs.

The general application process for the 2014-2016 Dual Investment Program is closed.

The Dual Investment Program provides Fellows with the following resources over two years:

$40,000/year in unrestricted funding and $7,000/year in stipends for professional and organizational development support, and to subsidize health insurance.

Skills Building
Annual retreats, workshops, and individual coaching for more effective leadership.

Peer Cohort
Gatherings and peer coaching develop a strong support network among the cohort, as well as among the program’s 2 alumni.

The JVG community and its networks are collaborative, supportive, and accessible.

More prominent recognition on a national stage, including access to gatherings such as Slingshot Day and JFNA’s General Assembly.

Read more about our 2012-2014 cohort, or peruse our list of 24 exceptional Alumni.