An Accomplished Portfolio: JVG Fellow & Venture Successes

Our Dual Investment Program cultivates strong leaders and guides the growth of ventures that reinvigorate Jewish life across North America. For over ten years, social entrepreneurs have looked to JVG to gain the skills, support, and network access to realize their visions.

Our ventures are sustainable and growing.

JVG Fellows have launched 32 ventures since 2001. Of these 32 ventures, 25 ventures are operational and thriving and 5 ventures have budgets of at least $1 million.


Recognition in the Jewish Community and Beyond

As these ventures extend their reach, communities are taking note:

Our Fellows are life-long change-makers.

JVG enables high-potential leaders to develop into influential change-makers—in the Jewish community and beyond.

Here are a few examples:

Thought Leadership

JVG Fellows and Alumni are considered field experts and trailblazers:

“I consider Fellows from my own cohort, and from subsequent cohorts, to be some of my closest friends and most treasured colleagues. My career has also benefited from the cache of the Fellowship in the Jewish community. I can confidently say that my status as a JVG Alumna has contributed to my reputation in the field and has enabled me to grow my business consistently—exclusively through word of mouth—for more than a decade.”

— Tobin Belzer, PhD (’01), sociologist of contemporary American Jewry, has conducted research and evaluation for the Yiddish Book Center, the Foundation for Jewish Camp, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, and The John Templeton Foundation, among others.


When I became a JVG Fellow, I felt strong and capable as an entrepreneur, but I was totally out of my comfort zone when it came to systems, finance, management, and other infrastructure topics. JVG helped me identify where my—and the organization’s—weak spots were and take serious steps towards strengthening them.
Sarah Lefton (’10), Executive Director & Producer of G-dcast, a new media production company creating screentime that’s meaningful and Jewish.