Advance Your Goals: Joshua Venture Group Helps AVI CHAI Reinvigorate Jewish Day School Education

When The AVI CHAI Foundation set out to explore the use of new technologies to improve Jewish day school education and to support schools in staying relevant and competitive in the wider education landscape, they turned to Joshua Venture Group to identify the next big thing.

Through a competitive selection process, Joshua Venture Group and AVI CHAI chose Tamritz, an organization developing a national, digital badge-empowered* learning network that would position the day school world on the leading edge of 21st century learning pedagogy. Through the combination of AVI CHAI’s content knowledge and financial support and Joshua Venture Group’s expertise in leadership and venture development, Tamritz successfully launched its program and scaled rapidly.

As a participant the 2012–2014 Dual Investment Program, Tamritz:

“The partnership with Joshua Venture Group was a win-win-win,” said Susan Kardos of The AVI CHAI Foundation. “We helped Joshua Venture Group and they enabled us to advance our priorities by nurturing a start-up with the potential to transform Jewish day school education.”

Today, Tamritz is continuing to make inroads to improve the Jewish day school system. Not only are students opting into the program, but teachers are thriving as well. In a recent study conducted of participants, 100% of teachers reported that Tamritz’s Digital Age Teaching program enhanced their digital media literacy skills.

* Tamritz is a badge-empowered learning network striving to transform how learning happens in Jewish day schools. Digital badges tell the story of a learner, mark achievements, and reflect a student’s knowledge, skills, habits, and learning pathways. More than a graphic icon, badges contain data about the achievement and issuing institution. Badges are micro-credentials that may be shared through a variety of media interfaces.



As a participant the 2012–2014 Dual Investment Program, Tamritz raised awareness about gameful learning practices, with 80% of participating educators reporting that they are more likely to use digital badges and gamification elements in their classrooms.