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Joshua Venture Group appreciates the support of our funders:

The Nathan Cummings Foundation – Organizational Supporter

Nathan Cummings

Rooted in the Jewish tradition and committed to democratic values and social justice, including fairness, diversity, and community, the Nathan Cummings Foundation seeks to build a socially and economically just society that values and protects the ecological balance for future generations; promotes humane health care; and fosters arts and culture that enriches communities.  One of the Foundation’s four programs, the Jewish Life and Values Program aims to further tzedek/social justice as a core Jewish value, integral to Jewish life and the creation of a more just, vibrant, and sustainable society. A core objective of the program is to strengthen the leadership, capacity, and engagement of Jews, Jewish communities, and Jewish institutions to advance social and economic justice as a lived Jewish value.

Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation – Organizational Supporter

Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation

The Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation’s mission is to repair and enrich the world through thriving Jewish life. The Foundation supports Jewish learning & engagement; Enlivening & enriching Jewish community; Jewish action for tikkun olam; and Accelerating the effectiveness of innovators in Jewish life.

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation – Organizational Supporter

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation is dedicated to helping the Jewish people flourish by supporting programs throughout the world that spread the joy of Jewish living, giving, and learning. The Foundation also provides assistance to non-sectarian charitable organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, especially in the areas of education, child advocacy, and community service.

Akron Legacy and Endowment Fund – Organizational Supporter

The Akron Legacy Endowment Fund (ALEF) supports communal and personal charitable purposes as diverse as local congregations, Jewish education, care for the elderly, assistance for distressed families, aid to Israel, and community-building efforts.  ALEF gives through unrestricted funds, special purpose funds, and philanthropic (donor-advised) funds.

AVI CHAI Foundation – Program Supporter

AVI CHAI is a private foundation endowed by Zalman C. Bernstein committed to the perpetuation of the Jewish people, Judaism, and the centrality of the State of Israel to the Jewish people. AVI CHAI’s goal in North America over its remaining eight sunset years is to advance and sustain Jewish day schools and summer camps for the purpose of enabling an energizing nucleus of youth with the values, commitments, motivation and skills to lead the Jewish People in the 21st century. As part of its interest in developing Jewish day school leaders and seeding innovation, AVI CHAI is supporting a Joshua Venture Group Jewish Day School Fellow.

Walter & Elise Haas Fund – Program Supporter

The mission of the Walter & Elise Haas Fund is to help build a healthy, just, and vibrant society in which people feel connected to and responsible for their community. A healthy, just, and vibrant society is one in which individual members feel a personal stake in the well-being of the whole, and have equal access to the tools and opportunities that enable them to fully participate in community life. Such a society requires respect for diversity, addresses social and economic inequities, and allows its members to exercise both choice and responsibility. A solid foundation of community institutions and organizations with strong leadership supports the realization of this vision.

Ruderman Family Foundation - Program Supporter

The mission of the Ruderman Family Foundation (RFF) is to create innovation that fosters inclusion of people with disabilities in the Jewish community and Israel, and to strengthen relationships between Israel and the U.S. Jewish community. Our goals are to create innovative programs that increase the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Jewish community and Israel; develop models of community inclusion that are replicable and sustainable; raise public awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities; position disability rights as a social justice issue; and that strengthen the relationship between Israel and the U.S. Jewish community. RFF is deeply pleased to be working in partnership with Joshua Venture Group to promote our mission of inclusion through the sponsorship of a JVG Ruderman Fellow.