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JVG Entrepreneurs Making Headlines

January 25, 2012

JVG Fellows and Alumni continue to receive attention for their important and valuable work. Some recent highlights include:

Sam Ball’s Citizen Film was recently awarded a $20,000 Ignition Grant from the Covenant Foundation to create a program designed to equip university Jewish Studies educators and students with the skills to incorporate digital media and storytelling into their scholarship. Additionally, Citizen Film will be premiering its latest documentary film, Joann Safar Draws from Memory, at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center in NYC on January 25, 2012. Click here for details on the film and screening, or visit the Citizen Film website to learn more about their work.

Mitch Braff‘s organization, the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF), put together a groundbreaking event in November 2011, convening and honoring 55 Jewish partisans who fought the Nazi regime despite incredible hardship and oppression. Read the full article detailing the event here.

Rochelle Shoretz, JVG board member and founder/executive director of Sharsheret, was featured in the online magazine Cancer Today. Click here to read her moving personal story and the inspiration behind the founding of Sharsheret.

Daniel Greyber was formally installed as the new rabbi at Beth El Synagogue in Durham, North Carolina, as the congregation celebrated its 125th anniversary in January 2012. Read about the weekend’s activities in The Herald-Sun.

Sarah Lefton and G-dcast are off to an exciting start to 2012 as the recipient of a $100,000 Signature grant from the Covenant Foundation, and with a recent profile of the organization and its founder featured in The New York Jewish Week.

Nati Passow‘s Jewish Farm School and Eli Winkelman‘s Challah for Hunger were both featured this past Fall in the ABC documentary A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future, exploring hunger and how faith leaders are tackling the issue. Click here to learn more about the project.

Uri L’Tzedek made the news for its successful protest against Israeli food company Tnuva and local distributor Flaum Appetizing Corp. Click here to learn about the issues.

Six of JVG’s current Fellows’ and four of our alumni’s ventures were recognized in the 2011-2012 edition of the Slingshot Resource Guide for Jewish Innovation. To learn more about their accomplishments, click here.