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Confronting Organizational Entropy

"Success happens when inspiration coexists with environments of structure, support and accountability. This is what Lisa Lepson and her Joshua Venture Group colleagues have taught today’s young leaders to strive toward. It is time we stop looking at these innovative young leaders with kind eyes that say “awww, isn’t that nice,” and start opening our…

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Building Social Justice in the Pacific Northwest

"Eisenbach-Budner wants Tivnu to be “a strong Jewish voice in the world,” but for him what that means—and what it means for the teens who enroll in the program—is a complex matter. For him, the link between social justice and Jewish identity is very real. Jewishness, though, is hardly a straightforward proposition. Tivnu places equal…

Local gap year program draws graduates from across the country

"On the heels of Malia Obama’s announcement of taking a gap year before attending Harvard University, dozens of graduates are coming to Portland to give back." Watch the video here.