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An ELI Talk by JVG's Lisa Lepson

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Why fund innovation?

Our incredible partners at Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah share why investment in JVG and our collaborative work with Bikkurim, PresenTense, ROI Community, and UpStart is a critical piece of their portfolio in eJewishPhilanthropy. Read the full article here. For more information about this collaborative effort, read about The Collaboratory.

Fellow News & Opportunities

Women rabbis are forging a path outside denominational Judaism

JVG is proud to have Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum among our 32 extraordinary alumni. This Washington Post article explores the emergence of "indie synagogues" and trailblazers like Rachel who enable Jewish life to flourish in meaningful and relevant ways. Read the full article here.

Community takes Passover tradition back to the desert wilderness

"It's Passover and as is traditional, many Jews are eating matzo for the week. But in Southern California, ...Wilderness Torah is not only reflecting on the Passover story but going into the desert to relive part of it." If you've never experienced a Wilderness Torah festival, NPR provides a glimpse into the spiritual and communal connections…