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When hip-hop elevates Jewish Education

"I am a Jewish educator. And like many educators I try to follow the mantra of 'starting where the students are.' That starting place could be surfing, animation, manicures, dance or Hip Hop. What I think is often overlooked with this type of pedagogy is that not all starting points are equal. Hip Hop, I…

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Wilderness Torah Opens Pathway for Jewish Educators

"From schlepping and setting up my tent, to fox walking barefoot in the forest, to playing games in nature with my tribe, to finding my sit spot in the woods and listening to the birds, to witnessing and creating fire, to sharing from the heart in tribe council, to singing, praying, offering blessings before eating…

Challah for Hunger Targets Campus Hunger

"Challah for Hunger has launched the Campus Hunger Project, a national advocacy and research effort targeting the problem of food insecurity on college campuses. In its first year, the project will train 80 student volunteers from 40 colleges to research food insecurity among college students and the responses of college administrators." Read the full article…