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An ELI Talk by JVG's Lisa Lepson

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An investment in social entrepreneurs yields real value

Our Dual Investment Program has supported 38 social entrepreneurs and their visions for more just, vibrant, and inclusive Jewish communities. Nearly 15 years later, these investments continue to yield real value for our alumni, for their ventures, and for the individuals and communities their work has touched. Our alumni are pioneers - they are trailblazers…

Fellow News & Opportunities

Why "Pushing In" Benefits All Learners

JVG Fellow Dana Keil explains why "Pushing In" benefits all learners. "When pushing in, the stigma is reduced or eliminated. Therapists pushing in can work with a group of students at a table, or go from student to student one-on-one, and they look and act like another teacher in the classroom. In fact, a sign…

Rochelle Shoretz: Visionary Leader and Advocate for Jewish Women with Breast Cancer

Meaningful tribute by 2003 JVG alum Idit Klein about 2003 JVG alum Rochelle Shoretz. "When I think of Rochie, more than anything else, I think of light. She lit up every room she entered. I miss her so deeply—her warmth, wit, intelligence, vision, her loving heart. I will always feel blessed to have known and…